Making it Up

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

~Brene Brown

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In the past when I ran, I always tried to finish strong. Found energy to sprint across lines Time and again. Someone once told me to do it that way. Later someone said to run faster and stronger the whole race. Don’t save it for the end I’ve tried both and found that neither isContinue reading “Finish”

A Writer Teaches Writing

Putting our stories into words and sharing them with others is a lifeline for both the writer and the reader. Stories keep us tethered to each other and prevent  us from being carried away with the tides or pulled under the dark surface. Writing with my students has been the thing that kept me inContinue reading “A Writer Teaches Writing”

Spring Sounds

In the night I awoke to the loud clamoring of snowplows. Heavy metal plows slammed pavement and pushed snow aside, clearing the way for cars and people to resume movement on snow-free paths. This morning I heard birds. The birds sang loudly, insisting. Yesterday their music was muted A blanket of heavy white snow coveredContinue reading “Spring Sounds”

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