Some days I’m roses and sunshine. I sing and smile as I gracefully move though my day. On these days, I make homemade waffles, whistle while folding laundry and cut my children’s sandwiches into cute shapes. These days are glorious and rare. Mostly, I have a fairly balanced mood and can be patient and kind.

This morning I was feeling more irritable than I wanted to.

I knew I had to do something to shake off the funk. The forecast was beautiful and I wanted to enjoy the day, so I quickly got ready to make it to 7:30 mass. I made my ten year old come with me. Church would do us both some good. 

We got there a few minutes late and by the time we got totally settled and attentive, the mass was well underway. I had no idea what I had missed in the readings. As the priest read the Gospel, I heard him say something that gave me pause.

“Jesus became perturbed and deeply troubled,” read the priest.

I thought to myself, “Did he just say Jesus became perturbed?”

I sat there for the remainder of mass considering Jesus being perturbed. I guess nobody can escape irritability and frustration. 

4 thoughts on “Perturbed

  1. What a great ending! I also love the beginning, where you describe your “roses and sunshine” mood. Such a great slice for reminding us to be gentle with ourselves when we’re human.


  2. What an interesting thought. I don’t think I have ever heard a mention of Jesus being perturbed in Mass. It is a good reminder that those tough days strike everyone. I hope Mass lightened your mood and made the rest of your Sunday better!


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