A love of retreats is one of the many gifts that my Catholic faith has given me. My first retreat at the age of fifteen was an incredible experience of spiritual connection and clarity. Ever since that time, I have made it a priority to take a retreat at least once a year. The retreats of today look far different than my first retreat. The retreats of today are sometimes structured and sometimes just an escape into nature. No matter the form, a retreat is always about withdrawing in order to find the way back.

It’s about that time for me to retreat back to former versions of myself so I can better see the whole path and the whole plan.

How have I been as I’ve travelled and what do I need for the journey ahead?

It seems I’ve been on autopilot for a while. My decisions have been too driven by security and fear. 

I crave a silent retreat someplace remote and new.

I crave  incense and kale.

My spirit sings to me of past memories

Long silent hikes through  dense forests to remote healing hot springs.

Drives on the Pacific coast with stops in the redwood forest.

The cracking of a campfires  followed by deep sleep under the stars.

I want to lay on the ground with arms and legs spread open like a starfish.

I want to laugh a little on the inside as I’m dancing side by side with people wearing linen and smelling of patchouli oil.

I want to  lose myself in another way of being that exists outside of hand sanitizer and Facebook.

I want tofu three meals a day. 

I want saunas and massages and gallons of herbal tea.

I want someone to balance my chakras and play singing bowls and chant as I fall into a deep and restful sleep.

One thought on “Retreat

  1. Yes, please!! This is the line that resonates so much with me: “I want to lose myself in another way of being that exists outside of hand sanitizer and Facebook.” I hope you find your way to this year’s retreat!


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